One Guitarist A Day


Initially, I wanted to add drums to a random guitar video I had found on Instagram. At the time I did not realize it would snowball into 17 videos in 15 days. The amount of support and love I received was amazing and I created a compilation of some of the videos below!  



- Guitarists featured in order of appearance:

1. Mateus Asato

2. Beau Diakowicz

3. Todd Pritchard

4. Ichika

5. Isaiah Sharkey

6. Cory Wong

7. Mark Lettieri

8. Sam Blakelock

9. Kerry Marshall Jr.

10. Tiana Ohara

11. Tim Henson

12. Horace Bray


I'm definitely planning on doing a series similar to #OneGuitaristADay. If you enjoyed what you saw feel free to comment a suggestion below! I'm definitely open to adding drums to any instrument out there, my main goal is to use my playing to help supplement other players' music. For more content like this please make sure to check out these videos


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